XOTclIDE Overview

XOTclIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for XOTcl programming language. XOTcl is an object oriented extension for Tcl. XOTclIDE be also used to program base Tcl code without using XOTcl. XOTclIDE is suggested and inspired by some great Smalltalk graphical development environment systems as Squeak or Envy.

About this document

This document is user guide for XOTclIDE application. The first chapter is short tutorial that demonstrate the specific of programming with XOTclIDE. The next chapter describe the using of XOTclIDE. Many of functions and characteristic are not described in this document because there are assumed as quasi standard in similar applications. So the component development and object-orientation will be not explained in this document.

This documentation do not contains the programmer guide for programming in Tcl and XOTcl. The suitable documentation can be found in Internet (see the Section called XOTclIDE WWW Resources in the chapter called Additional Informations).