ATKSqlBrowser - graphical sql-query browser

XOTclIDE - new life for Tcl.
  • interactive
  • introspective
  • object oriented
  • syntax checking
  • version control
Provided functionality Supported database connections


ATKSqlBrowser was primary developed as plug-in for XOTclIDE and use internal XOTcl general sql-access library XOSql

Limitation of binary versions.

Screen shoots

ATKSQLBrowser main window
value of every cell can be displayed in separated window (menu Edit-Show Cell In Separated Window)
Cell Window


ATKSqlBrowser try to receive all rows at once. Big dataset (more than 1000 rows) can overload the program and cause performance problems. The send sql statement can not be stopped.

Requirements for source code using

Author and License

The program was written by Artur Trzewik and is GNU Public License Software.
Artur Trzewik
Last modified: Sat Apr 3 07:58:53 CEST 2004