Programming with XOTclIDE

System Requirements and Installation

XOTclIDE is deployed in two versions. First as set of Tcl/XOTcl scripts (packages) second as Starpack or Tclkit that need no further installations or requirements. The Starpack version is available only for Windows. The Tclkit run for Windows and Linux Intel.

To run the script version you need installed Tcl with Tk and XOTcl Extension. The XOTclIDE can run everywhere Tcl/XOTcl run but it was tested only for Linux (RedHat) und Windows. Tcl(Tk) and XOTcl can be free obtained per Internet see the chapter called Additional Informations. Almost all Linux distribution offers Tcl and Tk as base package but often in old 8.3 version. XOTcl must be installed separately. To use Version Control you need additional relational database manager (SQL-Database) and the proper Tcl interface to it (see the Section called Version Control System in the chapter called Extended Features). I suggest following infrastructure.