XOTclIDE Programs and Start Options

There are 2 main options for starting XOTclIDE with or without Version Control System. To use Version Control System you must install Database with program installVC.tcl (see the Section called Installing Version Control System in the chapter called Extended Features).

Starting XOTclIDE without Version Control System

XotclIDE.tcl -- [-help] [-configmap configmapFile] [-withdebugger]

Starting XOTclIDE with Version Control System

XotclIDEDB.tcl -- [-ignoreprefs] [-nodialog] [-preferences preferencesList]
[-configmap configmapFile] [-dumpcompid Id]
[-dumpconfid Id] [-startconfid Id]

Starting XOTclIDE with Version Control System by loading from Version Control

This program is important if you want to develop and change XOTclIDE itself. It load the package IDEStart and SQL interface and the rest of XOTclIDE will be loaded from Version Control. You must install version control data base and import XOTclIDE sources into version control.

XotclIDEDBFromDB.tcl -- [-ignoreprefs] [-nodialog]
[-preferences preferencesList] [-configmap configmapFile]
[-dumpcompid Id] [-dumpconfid Id]

Options synopis


print all available options and exit


You can specify the preferences as database connection. The parameter is Tcl keyed list for example {{interface mysqltcl} {connection {user root dbank xotcllib}}

-configmap file

Load config map and tell XOTcl to ignore own components


do not read ~/.xotclide preferneces file


connect to version control dababase without to show connection dialog. All parameters will be read from preferences file or preferences list


Read componennt with id from version control database print it and exit

-dumconfid id

Read configuration map with id from version control database print it and exit


Load extended debugger at start. It assume installed atkdebugger extension and patched Tcl interpreter