Extended Debugger

This debugger is based on atkdebugger Tcl extension. To use it you need this C-Extension that anyway need a patch for Tcl-Core. It this time this patch is only available for Tcl8.4.1 (works with 8.4.3 too). This debugger support really fast step into and step over commands and can show exactly the execution point in source code.

To load the debugger choose the menu System->Extended Debugger->Debugger->Load Debugger. The debugger functions are available in menus only in new built browser.

After loading you can access in menu System->Extended Debugger to 3 new menu items

Invoking Debugger

The debugger will be invoked in 3 cases


In this time the only byte compiled code can be debugged. It means eval uplevel and code in global context can be not debugged.

Debugger Browser

Figure 13. Extended Debugger

The debugger have 4 panes:

If the debugger will be invoked because of Tcl error. The error message will be displayed in variable value window.

Breakpoints Browser

Figure 14. Breakpoints Browser

All breakpoints can be browsed and configured with this GUI. The breakpoints views are synchronized (model view controler)

Breakpoint Configuration Editor

Figure 15. Breakpoints Configuration

You can use this small GUI to